Capital Allocators Monthly Newsletter - September 2022

Ask funders for money, and they’ll give you advice; but ask for advice and they’ll give you money.
Kevin Kelly


Private Equity Deals Podcast. Our new show releases every other week on Wednesday. Episodes 1 and 2 with KKR and Thoma Bravo are available on the feed.

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1. WTT: The Definition of Poor Governance. Ted’s latest blog discusses the horrific governance around the news of the investment shake-up at Hartford HealthCare.

Read 'The Definition of Poor Governance'

2. Entering the Superbubble's Final Act, Jeremy Grantham.  Jeremy offers his words of caution from the dangerous mix of cross-asset overvaluation, commodity shock, and Fed hawkishness. When I wrote 'I Told You So' last year, warning shots about equities, bonds, and crypto hit the mark. Jeremy thinks the selloff has just begun. Read Ted's 'I Told You So.'

Read GMO Article

3. The Size Factor, Dan Rasmussen. Small cap stocks have underperformed over the last five years, by a lot. Dan goes through the data and concludes that small caps are poised for outperformance.

Read 'The Size Factor'

4. Why People Make Dumb Financial Decisions on Purpose, Ben Carlson.  A terrific blog by Ben reminding us that context matters. Thoughtful investment decisions are not entirely based on net present value calculations.

Read Ben's Blog

5. Patrick O'Shaughnessy on Neckar Value. Frederik Gieschen interviews Patrick O'Shaughnessy about podcasting and venture investing.

Read Interview with Patrick


Capital Allocators Episodes

Ted Seides - Ted appeared on the Opto Sessions Interviews with Extraordinary Investors podcast hosted by Haydn Brain.

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Greg Lippmann -  Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of LibreMax, Greg discusses the Big Short and structured credit.

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Friends Reunion 2 -  Four of my oldest friends in the business and I got together again to banter about a range of investment topics.

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Matt Brown - CEO of CAIS, Matt discusses the tidal wave of capital for alternatives from retail.

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Manager Meetings Episodes

Allan Jean-Baptiste and Marco DeMeireles - The Co-Founders and General Partners of Ansa Capital, discuss undercovered venture markets and teams.

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Adam Wyden - The Founder and Managing Partner of ADW Capital discusses the evolution of the fund’s strategy from activism to quality.

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Private Equity Deals Episodes

Pete Stavros - Co-Head of Americas Private Equity at KKR, Pete discusses employee ownership at C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

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Scott Crabill - Managing Partner at Thoma Bravo, Scott discusses taking RealPage public to private.

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Word from our Sponsors

Janus Henderson Investors. This month from Janus Henderson's institutional blog, Portfolio Manager Andy Acker says the health care sector could now be well positioned to offer both defense against market volatility and opportunities for long-term growth.

Read 'Health Care Strikes a Balance'

Northern Trust Investment Data Science. Through a network of partnerships, Northern Trust’s Investment Data Science offers a curated suite of solutions, including EDS, Essentia Analytics and Venn by Two Sigma, that combines Northern Trust’s foundational data with both data science, and behavioral analytics - helping asset managers and asset allocators optimize their investment process to deliver enhanced outcomes.

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Visible Alpha. Visible Alpha created a platform to analyze consensus data and financial metrics on over 6,500 publicly traded companies. Rather than having to dig through models one by one, Visible Alpha extracts data from every line item across sell-side models so you can better understand expectations on metrics beyond just revenue and earnings. Institutional investors are invited to try Visible Alpha for free.

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Prosek Partners. As investors navigate the virtual and hybrid fund-raising landscape, a manager's brand and reputation have come into sharper focus. Prosek Partners' CEO Jen Prosek offers advice to achieve success.

Read 'Success Spelled Out Through a Clear, Differentiated Narrative'
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