Tidal Wave of Capital for Alternatives from Retail

Matt Brown



Private Wealth

Episode: 272
September 26, 2022

Episode Description:

Matt Brown is the CEO of CAIS, the leading investment platform that connects independent financial advisors with managers in alternative strategies. Matt was a guest on the show last year discussing his path and the business, and that conversation is replayed in the feed. Since that time, CAIS and the broader movement of private wealth into alternatives have accelerated rapidly. I caught up with Matt to get his perspective on the tidal wave of capital coming into the space ahead of CAIS’ inaugural Alternative Investment Summit, a three-day event bringing together senior leaders from the alternative asset management and independent financial advisor communities on October 17-19 in Los Angeles.

Our conversation covers the size of the private wealth market, key drivers of the adoption of alternatives, the characteristics of managers and products that receive flows, advice for those who would like to participate, and where capital is flowing today. We then turn to CAIS’ company strategy, including deploying a substantial capital raise, upgrading its technology, expanding the team, and building custom solutions for advisors. We close with Matt’s views on the future of CAIS.

Show Notes
4:41 Movement into alternative assets
8:42 New views on diversification
10:47 Education for advisors
12:38 Evolving offerings for wealth management
14:34 Playbook for alternative managers
18:51 Building a brand
21:00 Observations from flows
26:02 Competitive threats
28:11 Understanding CAIS
31:54 Servicing financial advisors
34:43 Scaling a team
38:08 Long-term vision for CAIS

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