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Class begins September 21st. 
We will be in touch with updates leading up to the first class.
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Session 1: Creating Personal Leverage

with Khe Hy, Founder of RadReads

Session 2: Interview Techniques

with Ted Seides, Founder and Host of Capital Allocators & Jenny Heller, CIO at Brandywine Group Advisors

Session 3: Public Speaking

with Victoria Sienczewski, Partner at Capital Allocators

Session 4: Leadership & Management

with Jim Dunn, CEO & CIO at Verger Capital Management

Session 5: Decision Making Excellence

with Annie Duke, former professional poker player, best-selling author
Download Decision Making Excellence learning outcomes

Session 6: Negotiation Techniques

with Daylian Cain, Senior Lecturer at Yale School of Management

Session 7: Modern Investment Frameworks

with Stephen Gilmore, CIO of NZ Super Fund & Scott Malpass, former CIO at Notre Dame University

Session 8: Effective Networking

with Rahul Moodgal, Director at Parvus Asset Management

…And More

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