Warrior Spirit

Chatri Sityodtong




Episode: 22
August 21, 2017

Episode Description:

Chatri Sityodtong is the Founder and Chairman of ONE Championship, Asia’s largest sports media property. Chatri started his career on a trajectory that many listening to this show have: he graduated from Tufts University, worked at Fidelity Investments and Bain Consulting, attended Harvard Business School, took a run at a technology start-up, and then spent a decade working at hedge funds, culminating in launching his own fund, Izara Capital, that grew to $500 million in assets.

But Chatri’s story is vastly different from any stereotype he may appear on paper. Despite a comfortable life growing up, his family lost everything in the Asian financial crisis. A decade later, despite his financial success, Chatri felt an emptiness and loneliness at the top that he couldn’t shake. Instead of pushing on, he returned investor capital and moved back to Asia. From there, he followed his passion for Muay Thai fighting and began building a budding sports empire.

Our conversation tells Chatri’s story, replete with lessons about entrepreneurship, investing, hard work, and the warrior spirit. For those who wonder if a career in the financial markets is the only thing they know, Chatri’s path suggests a different and fulfilling way forward.

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