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Lauren Dillard

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Episode: 01
July 6, 2023

Episode Description:

Lauren Dillard is the CFO of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm with over $96 billion in assets under management and over 20 years investing exclusively in enterprise software. Before joining Vista, she was the Executive Vice President of Nasdaq’s Investment Intelligence Division, where she oversaw the company's data, index, and analytics divisions. Prior to Nasdaq, Lauren spent 17 years at Carlyle where she served as the Head of the Investment Solutions unit and was a member of the Management Committee, and she began her career at Arthur Anderson’s tax practice.

Our conversation covers Lauren’s early career at Arthur Anderson and her transitions to Carlyle, Nasdaq and eventually Vista. We discuss the dynamics of being an executive in investment management, operational flexibility, outsourcing vs. insourcing, and internal deal processes. We close on the increasing sophistication of LPs and GPs and the importance of a growth mindset.

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