Venture Secondaries and Growth Capital at NewView

Ravi Viswanathan

Venture capital

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Episode: 327
July 13, 2023

Episode Description:

This sponsored insight features Ravi Viswanathan, Founder and Managing Partner of NewView Capital (NVC), a venture firm that created a disruptive model for strategic secondary investing that blends portfolio acquisitions with direct investing.

Our conversation covers Ravi’s path to the venture industry, lessons from fifteen years at NEA, catalyst for creating NVC, and the rationale and opportunity set for venture secondaries. We discuss NewView’s investment process across the sweet spot for portfolio acquisitions, fallacy of discounts, work with portfolio companies, and exit strategy. We close with new opportunities on the horizon and the future of NewView Capital.

Show Notes:
02:43 Background
05:00 Investing during tech bubble
06:25 Experience at NEA
09:05 Creating NewView Capital
14:50 Venture secondary ecosystem
23:22 Investing sweet spots
27:40 Fallacy of discounts
30:15 Improving operational performance
35:00 Investment examples
36:17 Exit strategy
40:45 Future aspirations
41:32 Closing questions

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