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Episode: 299
February 27, 2023

Episode Description:

Beezer Clarkson, Chris Douvos, and Joelle Kayden are three of the most respected investors in venture capital funds, manning their forts at Sapphire Ventures, Ahoy Capital, and Accolade Partners, respectively. Each is a past guest on the show and we’re replayed those conversations in the feed.

In a far more challenging environment after last year’s public market growth selloff and tightening of purse strings in private markets, we convened to discuss the state of the venture capital industry. Our conversation covers what got us here, re-up and new fund decisions facing allocators, challenges for venture capitalists and their portfolio companies, funding discipline across stages, dry powder, tourists exiting the game, and valuations. We discuss the potential winners and losers coming out of this trough and close with exciting opportunities and a current perspective on the blockchain.

Show Notes
4:47 Perspectives on last few years
7:02 Deploying capital in a frothy market
16:03 Handling re-ups and new fund investments
18:04 Making allocation decisions
23:43 Advice for managers
27:20 Dry powder on the sidelines
29:29 Valuations
34:03 Down rounds
36:22 Tourists
40:04 Scale players
43:33 Winners and losers
46:28 Industries garnering excitement
49:58 Crypto and blockchain
54:22 Venture expressions and cliches

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