Value in Industry Specialization at Bullhorn

Stone Point

Private Equity


Episode: 03
October 12, 2022

Episode Description:

Jarryd is a Managing Director at Stone Point Capital, where he helps lead the firm’s investments in the asset management, merchant trading, and outsourcing & technology sectors.

Bullhorn is a leading global software provider for the staffing, recruiting, and contingent labor industry, servicing over 10,000 staffing agencies worldwide. Stone Point acquired Bullhorn in September 2020, as the fifth private equity owner of the business.

We discuss Bullhorn’s history, Stone Point’s rationale for human capital as a sub-sector focus, its multi-year, proactive search for the best business in the space, transaction dynamics during Covid, Stone Point’s playbook as an industry expert, potential risks to the investment, exit strategy, and lessons learned.

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