Transformation and Carve Outs at Innovyze


Private Equity


Episode: 05
November 9, 2022

Episode Description:

Arvindh Kumar is a Partner and Global Co-Head of Technology at EQT, a public company overseeing nearly $100 billion in assets across infrastructure, real estate, and all stages of private equity.

Innovyze is a mid-market vertical software company that provides smart water infrastructure to utilities and engineering firms. EQT carved out two subscale, non-core businesses from public companies to form Innovyze in 2016.

Our conversation covers the Innovyze business and the water infrastructure market. We discuss the sourcing, diligence, and deal dynamics of the complex merger. We then turn to integrating the two businesses, including a management team change, systems integration, product rationalization, and sales reorganization. We close with EQT's process for selling the business to Autodesk and decision to refocus from the middle market to its flagship strategy despite its success in the space.

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