The Operator/Investor whose Software is Feeding the World

Savneet Singh

Venture capital



Episode: 220
October 31, 2021

Episode Description:

Savneet Singh is the President and CEO of PAR Technology Corp and a Partner at CoVenture. PAR is a $1.6 billion market cap public company whose technology services over 10,000 restaurant locations in over 110 countries. And CoVenture is a $2 billion investment firm focusing on novel asset classes whose founder, Ali Hamed, was a past guest on the show. Savneet previously co-founded GBI, an electronic platform for the trading of real assets, and Tera Holdings, a holding company of niche software businesses. He is an unusual talent whose achievements have been recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30 and Crain's 40 under 40.

Our conversation covers Sav’s early love of investing, time on Wall Street, transition to operator, and lessons learned along the way. We then turn to PAR, discussing its history, corporate culture, and trends in software. We close with Savneet’s thoughts on crypto, advice for managers and allocators, and his growth as an investor from serving as an operator.

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