The Case for Nuclear

Adam Rodman



Episode: 304
March 27, 2023
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Adam Rodman is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Segra Capital Management, the largest fund dedicated to investing in nuclear power across public and private markets. Adam founded Segra in 2013 to focus on a concentrated portfolio of contrarian, underfollowed investment ideas. In turn, this led to a dedicated focus on nuclear power. Both Tom Steyer and Bill Orum discussed nuclear power as an essential, although very long-term component of addressing climate needs. Adam’s insights provide an understanding of the thesis as well as nuances in capitalizing on it.

Our conversation covers Adam’s early career, path to Segra, and shift in focus to nuclear. We discuss the fundamental case and market inefficiencies in the industry, supply and demand, the nuclear fuel cycle, safety and waste, and risks to thesis.

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