The Case for Emerging Markets

Louis-Vincent Gave



Emerging Markets


Episode: 275
October 10, 2022

Episode Description:

Louis-Vincent Gave is the Founding Partner and CEO of GaveKal, a leading independent provider of macro research, and GaveKal Capital, manager of $2 billion in assets. Louis is one of my go-to sources for strategic research. He came on the show earlier this year to discuss the conflict in Ukraine, and that conversation is replayed on the feed.

This time around, we cover Louis’ perspective on the bear market and its transition of leadership from developed to emerging markets. We discuss emerging markets, the U.S. dollar, age of weaponization, deglobalization, China, and where to invest to weather the storm.

Show Notes
4:13 Cyclicality and bull markets
6:19 Unique nature of current bear market
7:41 Purpose of bear markets
10:29 Rethinking traditional models
14:30 Sovereign credit risk and emerging markets
16:51 Resistance from investors
18:35 Potential reasons for currency transition
23:06 Examining crises in emerging markets
26:43 Weaponizing the financial system
28:51 Impact of de-globalization
31:21 Western investors’ views on China
35:56 Closing questions

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