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Episode Description:

After our recent podcast conversation, Matt Breitfelder, Partner and Global Head of Human Capital at Apollo, asked me if he could turn the tables and, in his words, interview the interviewer about interviewing. We did that and added a two-way conversation about public speaking.

Our conversation covers my path to the podcast, preparation for interviews, components of what makes it work, and tips for asking good questions. We then turn to public speaking, focusing on the challenges and techniques for moderating panels and presenting in public. And of course, at the end, Matt asks me my closing questions.

Please enjoy my distillation of lessons learned from having your ear for six years in this conversation guided by Matt Breitfelder.

Show Notes

03:33 Path to podcasting
05:46 Preparing for interviews
10:00 Components of successful podcast
12:11 Preparing a good question
14:23 Active listening
21:20 Asking good questions
27:53 Other interviewing tips
30:16 Leading a panel
33:53 Preparing for a panel
40:33 Public speaking
46:43 Effective presentations

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