The Art of Storytelling

Neal Foard

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Episode: 290
January 2, 2023

Episode Description:

Neal Foard is a twenty-five-year advertising and marketing executive who specializes in the art of storytelling. Neal has ranked among the top ten most awarded creative directors in the world. He has served as the Worldwide Director of Creative Learning at Saatchi & Saatchi and developed award-winning campaigns for Budweiser, Lexus, and Sony. Most recently, Neal coaches C-Suite executives, is CMO for Within Inc., and has built a following on social media (and his website passionatelogic.com) for his brief inspirational videos about the kindness of everyday people.

Neal launches into our conversation with one of his stories about kindness and then breaks down its components. We turn to the process of telling a story, including preparation, the arc of a story, and audience engagement. Neal shares tips he gives executives for presenting to small and large groups, improving on video, practicing, and working with nervous anxiety. We close with another of Neal's fun stories, this time leaving out the breakdown to apply what you learn.

I hope Neal's gems help you improve the stories we deliver and listen to every day in our personal and professional lives.

Show Notes
4:01 The best bartender in Chicago
7:07 Components of an engaging story
9:53 Background in advertising
11:51 Storytelling in the C-suite and life
15:00 Preparation and research
18:19 Arc of a compelling story
25:34 Favorite tips to improve storytelling
27:52 Authenticity and sincerity
30:07 Presenting to small groups
31:57 Managing nervous energy
37:39 Nature v. nurture in presenting
39:05 Recommendations for practice
40:35 New findings from coaching
42:05 Finishing a story or presentation
43:20 Incorporating a pitch
45:28 Armstrong on the moon
50:21 Closing questions

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