Tenacious Sourcing and Founder Support at Felicis

Aydin Senkut

Venture capital


Episode: 234
February 7, 2022
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Aydin Senkut is the Founder and Managing Partner of Felicis Ventures, a $2 billion early-stage venture firm that invests in founders building iconic companies that transcend geographic and industry boundaries. Its success has placed Aydin on the Forbes Midas List for the past 8 years.

Our conversation covers Aydin’s early exposure to entrepreneurship and international business, experience as the first international product manager at Google, and transition into angel investing and founding Felicis. We discuss his investment philosophy, proactive sourcing, and doing whatever it takes to join the cap table and support founders. We close with Aydin’s perspective on competition in the venture capital industry.

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