Stone Point Capital

Chuck Davis

Private Equity


Episode: 207
August 8, 2021
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Our Private Equity Masters mini-series concludes with Chuck Davis, the CEO and Chairman of the Investment Committee at Stone Point Capital. Stone Point has invested $21 billion across 135 businesses, all in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Stone Point’s predecessor entity at Marsh McLellan twenty-three years ago, he was a partner at Goldman Sachs, where he spent the prior twenty-three years, culminating in serving as Head of Investment Banking Services Worldwide.

Our conversation covers Chuck’s time at Goldman Sachs, his transition to private equity, and the formation of Stone Point Capital. We then turn to the firm’s multi-year, outbound, targeted search for the best executives in financial services, work with portfolio companies, activity in the asset management sector, and management of Stone Point.

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