Crypto for Institutions 2: Securing Crypto at Anchorage Digital

Diogo Monica


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Episode: 259
June 30, 2022
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Diogo Monica is the Co-Founder and President of Anchorage, the first federally chartered digital bank. Our conversation covers Diogo’s uniquely qualified background for his role, the importance, and implementation of digital asset custody, and Anchorage’s client-driven extensions from custody into brokerage, lending, staking, and governance. We close by covering the creation of the bank, partnerships with Visa, and what’s next for the company and its clients. Be sure to stick around for the closing questions to hear Diogo’s perspective on exceptional hiring practices for startups.

We are incredibly grateful to Anchorage Digital for sponsoring Crypto for Institutions 2, and are eager to highlight their value to the investment community.

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