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Greg Fleming

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Season:3, Episode #02
September 20, 2023

Episode Description:

Greg Fleming is the CEO of Rockefeller Capital Management, a business he created alongside the Rockefeller family and Viking Global Investors with the purchase of Rockefeller & Co. in 2018. He was a guest describing his background and the early years of RCM on Capital Allocators, and that conversation is replayed in the feed.

Rockefeller Capital Management is a platform that encompasses private wealth management, strategic advisory, and asset management formed out of the former family office of the Rockefeller family that today advises on over $100 billion in assets.

Our conversation covers Greg’s vision for Rockefeller Capital, the deal to purchase Rockefeller & Co, tuck-in acquisitions of private wealth managers, development of strategic advisory, and refining of the asset management business. We discuss the tuck-in acquisition process, including sourcing, diligence, deal structure, and integration, and the technology and operations required to make it work. We close discussing the recent recapitalization of RCM by the Desmarais family and Greg’s aspirations for the next five years.

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