Quantamental Approach to Crypto at Starkiller Capital

Leigh Drogen


Hedge Fund


Episode: 32
June 2, 2022

Episode Description:

Leigh Drogen is the General Partner and CIO of Starkiller Capital, a quantitative asset manager in the digital asset space. Leigh came to the crypto world after experience at a quantitative hedge fund, as an early employee at StockTwits, and as the founder of Estimize, a buyside-driven earning estimate platform that today is one of the largest in the world.

Our conversation covers Leigh’s background and lessons on markets from both a retail and institutional lens. We discuss Estimize, insights into hedge funds, and his shift to crypto. We then dig into the investment process at Starkiller, the nuances of fundamental modeling in crypto, and managing risk. We close with Leigh’s perspective on what’s to come for crypto and hedge funds.

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