Pulling the Oars as CIO of Wesleyan University

Anne Martin




Episode: 114
December 1, 2019

Episode Description:

Anne Martin is the Chief Investment Officer for Wesleyan University, where she manages the school’s $1 billion endowment. Anne’s career started in the tech world and shifted to endowment management at Yale’s famed investments office. She took over at Wesleyan a decade ago, as one of a handful of Yale Investment alumns serving other institutions.

Our conversation covers Anne’s path from competitive rowing to the tech world and a fortuitous connection with David Swensen. We cover the transferable skills from private equity to endowment management, key lessons learned at Yale, experience taking on a “start-up” at Wesleyan, application of knowledge to a smaller pool of capital, development of a team and a portfolio, perspectives on natural resources and venture capital, and Wesleyan’s competitive advantage as an allocator.

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