Programmer-Centric Crypto Investing at Electric

Avichal Garg


Venture capital


Episode: 34
August 4, 2022

Episode Description:

Maneesh is a Partner at Evanston Capital, a $4.5 billion hedge fund of funds, whose CIO Adam Blitz was a past guest on Capital Allocators. Avichal is the Co-Founder of Electric Capital, an early-stage venture firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, fintech, and marketplaces. He has been a successful serial entrepreneur with executive experience at Google and Facebook, which acquired his previous company in 2012.

Their conversation covers Avichal’s career as an operator, influence on his investment approach, conviction in crypto, and opportunities in today’s markets. They cover Electric’s investment strategy, differentiated team structure, investment examples, and the future of crypto.

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