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Mario Giannini

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Episode: 309
April 17, 2023

Episode Description:

Mario Giannini and John Toomey lead two of the largest private equity fund investors in the world. Mario is the CEO of Hamilton Lane, which manages over $100 billion and supervises another $700 billion in non-discretionary assets, and John is half of the Executive Management Committee of HarbourVest, which also manages in excess of $100 billion in the space. Both are past guests on the show, and we’ve replayed those conversations on the feed.

Mario and John joined me to canvass private equity markets. Our conversation covers the health and valuation of underlying portfolio companies, new deals, secondary markets, dry powder, fundraising, portfolio construction, winners and losers, new sources of capital, private credit, co-investments, ESG, China, and geopolitical risks.

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