Post-Breeding Grounds for Rising Stars and Families

Adam Shapiro

Hedge Fund




Episode: 319
June 5, 2023

Episode Description:

Adam Shapiro is the Managing Partner of East Rock Capital, where he oversees $3 billion on behalf of a handful of families investing primarily in hedge funds and private deals alongside early-stage sponsors. Adam has recently begun sharing his insights on a LinkedIn newsletter entitled “From Star to Founder.”

Our conversation covers Adam’s background, his investment objectives for families, and his process for achieving them. We discuss East Rock’s assessment of managers, portfolio construction, and risk management from their carefully selected set of ideas. We close with Adam’s thoughts on family offices and the future of East Rock.

Show Notes
04:33    Background
06:48    Goldman Sachs special situations group
12:46    Founding East Rock
17:28    Evaluating emerging managers
26:49    Sourcing managers
27:58    Portfolio construction & risk management
38:17    Managing liquidity
39:28    Family offices
44:02    Alignment
48:07    Future of East Rock
49:55    Closing Questions

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