Passion and Mission at the Packard Foundation

Kim Sargent




Episode: 333
August 14, 2023

Episode Description:

Kimberly Sargent is the Chief Investment Officer of the Packard Foundation where she oversees $10 billion. She is a well-respected member of the Yale diaspora, having started her career under David Swensen.

Our conversation covers Kim's time at Yale, some lessons learned from David Swensen, and her application of it and a lot more at Packard over fifteen years. Kim shares thoughts on a range of asset classes and closes explaining why her role is the best job in the world.

Show Notes

03:58 Path to Yale endowment
06:09 Lessons from Swensen
10:58 Arrival at Packard
12:33 Endowment vs. Foundation
14:37 Sourcing managers
15:57 Diversifying the portfolio
16:57 Long-term investing
19:40 Opportunities in inefficient markets
26:53 Aligning interests with managers
27:23 Experience as CIO
29:53 Structuring meetings
30:20 Research process
33:44 Asset class perspectives
41:40 New managers & farm teams
44:23 ESG & DEI
48:15 EMIF internship program
51:28 Closing questions

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