Novel Venture Investing at CoVenture

Ali Hamed

Venture capital


Episode: 233
January 31, 2022
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Ali Hamed is the Founder of CoVenture a $2 billion investor across the capital stack of technology start-ups reinventing the economy of the future. Ali first appeared on the show three years ago when CoVenture’s assets were around $100 million. That conversation is replayed in the feed.

Our second conversation starts with an update on CoVenture’s growth and dives into Crossbeam Venture Partners, CoVenture’s venture business. We discuss Crossbeam’s sweet spot, sourcing, due diligence, deal dynamics, ownership, and decision-making for follow-on rounds. We then turn to examples in fintech and platforms, and close with how CoVenture’s taste for novel assets fits into the venture ecosystem.

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