Monkey Business in High Yield

Peter Troob


Hedge Fund


Episode: 59
July 1, 2018

Episode Description:

Peter Troob is the co-Founder and CIO of Troob Capital Management, an opportunistic investor and family office with particular expertise in distressed situations. Prior to starting TCM in 2002, Peter spent six years focusing on distressed debt investing at Contrarian Capital and Everest Capital. He started his career as an investment banker, and after his tenure in self-proclaimed purgatory, he co-authored the entertaining book Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle.

Our conversation begins with life as an investment banking analyst, and turns to competing with large distressed funds, the frothy high yield market, trickery in the CDS market, high yield ETFs, idiosyncratic opportunities, diversifying family assets, managing teams, and learning from the dinner table.

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