Modern Value Investing at Saguaro

Jim Falbe

Public Equity

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Episode: 320
June 8, 2023

Episode Description:

This Sponsored Insight features Jim Falbe. Jim is the founder of Saguaro Capital Management, a newly launched value-oriented investment firm spun out of Vulcan Value Partners that blends traditional value investing with modern AI and data science inputs.

Our conversation covers Jim’s path to value investing, experience at Vulcan, introduction of AI automation into the investment process, and founding Saguaro. We discuss sourcing the best businesses in the world, researching investments, making decisions, constructing portfolios, and applying technology tools to value investing. We close discussing the foundation for long-term investing at Saguaro and an investment example.

Show Notes
02:42    Path to value investing
14:13    Experience at Vulcan Value Partners
18:55    Integrating AI into the investment process
26:51    Founding Saguaro
32:15    Investment beliefs
33:50    Sourcing
36:17    Researching and evaluating investments
39:40    Portfolio construction
43:50    Risk
44:36    Options strategy
47:45    Applying tech tools to value investing
52:34    Investment example
57:05    Closing questions

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