Milk Specialties Global

Michael Fisch

Private Equity


Season:3, Episode #03
October 4, 2023

Episode Description:

Michael Fisch is the founder and CEO of American Securities, a private equity firm founded in 1994 that manages $27 billion focusing on U.S. middle market companies.

Milk Specialties is a producer of dairy products for the health and wellness, sports, and functional food industries. With roots dating back to 1944, the company focuses on Whey products and ingredients that end up in recognizable brands.

Our conversation covers American Securities approach to investing, Milk Specialties market niche, and the diligence and deal process. We turn to the gameplan for the business alongside existing management, growth drivers, and risk mitigation. We then go full circle discussing the sale process to exit the investment, covering the timing, auction, and case against continuation funds.

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