Mid-Market Institutional Consulting at FEG

Greg Dowling




Episode: 248
May 2, 2022

Episode Description:

Greg Dowling is the CIO and Head of Research at Fund Evaluation Group (FEG) – a mid-market investment consultant with $80 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets under advisement. Greg oversees the day-to-day management of the research team and chairs the firm's investment policy committee that oversees all manager hire and fire decisions.

Our conversation covers Greg’s background and introduction to FEG, the evolution of institutional consultants, FEG’s business today, and its unique advantages. We dive into how FEG supports its clients with portfolio management, manager selection and inventory management, due diligence including qualitative scoring and culture assessment, and working with Investment Committees. We then get Greg’s opinion on different market dynamics including private equity, venture capital, crossover funds, hedge funds, and what he refers to as “weird ideas.” We close with the evolution of the investment process post-COVID, Greg’s involvement with his alma mater the University of Cincinnati, and the coveted FEG Hockey Classic.

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