Mavis Tire Express Services

David Roux and Tom O'Rourke

Private Equity


Episode Description:

David Roux and Tom O’Rourke lead BayPine, a private equity firm founded in 2019 that manages $3 billion across healthcare, consumer, industrials, and business services with a focus on growth through digital transformation.

Mavis is an independent tire dealer and aftermarket auto service provider with over 1,100 locations in the U.S. The chain dates back to 1949 and has experienced a growth explosion the last decade adding 1,000 service centers since 2015.

Our conversation covers BayPine’s strategy of digitally transforming core economy businesses, Mavis’ 74-year history, sourcing the investment, due diligence, differentiating BayPine’s bid, executing the digital strategy, and navigating macroeconomic headwinds.

Show Notes
06:02 BayPine overview
06:45 Mavis history
07:56 Unit economics
08:52 Sourcing the deal
13:26 Diligence process
15:10 Digital transformation strategy
16:17 Key risks
17:00 Deal dynamics and competition
24:53 Implementing the digital strategy
33:52 Navigating the growth playbook
37:03 Financing
37:59 Exit strategy
40:47 Navigating the macro environment
44:47 Lessons learned and looking forward

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