Listening, Human Nature, and Negotiations

Chris Voss

Decision Making

Self Growth

Thought Leader

Episode: 252
May 30, 2022

Episode Description:

Chris Voss is the founder of the Black Swan Group, where he works with individuals, teams, and companies in the art of negotiation. Chris is the author of best-seller “Never Split the Difference” and learned his trade in his 24 years in the FBI, during which he served as the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator, the lead Crisis Negotiator for the NYC Division, and as a member of the NYC Joint Terrorist Task Force.

Our conversation covers techniques in listening and conversation that evolve from Chris’ deep understanding of human nature, including setting the stage, mirroring, labeling, decision fatigue, “no” oriented questions, and overcoming fear. We then turn to preparing for a negotiation, reconciling negatives, and positive demeanor.

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