It's Called A Mooch

Anthony Scaramucci

Hedge Fund



Episode: 60
July 8, 2018

Episode Description:

The name Anthony Scaramucci currently has 55% name recognition in the U.S. according to Politico. Anthony has been an entrepreneur in the hedge fund industry for 23 years, growing to prominence within the industry through his oversight of fund of funds Skybridge Capital, creation of the popular SALT conference, regular television appearances, and rejuvenation of the iconic television show Wall Street Week. He grew to prominence worldwide when his longtime political interests led to a brief tenure as White House Communications Director in 2017.

Our conversation starts off with a bang and turns to the ups and downs in Anthony’s career, including getting fired and rehired at Goldman Sachs, starting and selling his first hedge fund, creating Skybridge and watching it almost fail, and thriving after the financial crisis. We discuss Anthony's thoughts on hedge funds, lessons from his stint in Washington, and books he has written about his experiences. Along the way, he shares life lessons about managing people, building relationships, resiliency, laughing at yourself, greed, ego, and fame.

Anyone who has only known Anthony from his recent public profile might be surprised to hear the depth of his insight, self-effacing honesty and caring of others, alongside his irrepressible salesmanship. Those who have known him longer will recognize the same Mooch as always in all his splendor.

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