Investing in Sports Teams at Arctos Sports Partners

Ian Charles & Doc O’Connor

Private Equity



Episode: 225
December 6, 2021

Episode Description:

Ian Charles and Doc O’Connor are the Co-Founders and Managing Partners of Arctos Sports Partners, a private equity firm dedicated to buying minority stakes in professional sports franchises. From its founding just two years ago, Arctos quickly has become the market leader in the space, raising a $2.1 billion first-time fund and a SPAC alongside Executive-in-Residence Theo Epstein, and buying stakes in MLB teams including the Boston Red Sox, the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings in the NBA, and a compliment of other sports assets.

Our conversation covers their backgrounds and the formation of Arctos, the investment opportunity in sports franchises, and the underlying business and ownership structure. We then turn to the unique characteristics of the asset, investment process, and growth strategy.

Full disclosure, I am personal investor in Arctos’ fund and am a fan of their strategy and team, pun intended. I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation with Doc O’Connor and Ian Charles as much as I did.

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