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Michael Mervosh

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Episode: 68
September 8, 2018

Episode Description:

Both times I was interviewed (by Khe Hy and Patrick O'Shaughnessy) and shared those conversations on Capital Allocators, I made reference to a special experience I’ve participated in for the last five years called the Hero’s Journey. It’s an opportunity I can’t recommend highly enough for those who hear the call to attend.

Michael Mervosh is the deeply insightful Executive Director of the Hero’s Journey Foundation, an organization he created that provides experiential learning opportunities for human development and transformation based on Joseph Campbell’s mythic hero’s journey. He has a passion and indescribable skill in enlivening the developmental process and fostering vitality, meaning and well-being in individuals, groups, and organizations. When not running programs or training others, Michael practices psychotherapy at the Nuin Center in Pittsburgh, where he has professionally resided for 25 years.

Our conversation took place in the mountains of West Virginia towards the end of this year’s journey, and covers Michael’s path to creating the experience, the myth of the Hero, lessons in how the world actually works, the call to adventure, perfectionism, uncertainty, fear, and poetry.

If you’re intrigued, I strongly encourage you to check out herosjourneyfoundation.org. Spaces are limited for the annual summer Men’s and Women’s Journeys, so sign up for next year’s trip at the website or reach out to me. I intend to be back on the mountain next year and hope to see you there.

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