Inside Mercer Consulting

Raelan Lambert, John Jackson, & Erik Sebusch

Hedge Fund


Venture capital



Episode: 345
October 23, 2023

Episode Description:

Raelan Lambert, John Jackson, and Erik Sebusch are three of the leaders at Mercer Alternatives, the alternative investment arm of the consulting juggernaut. Mercer advises on $16.5 trillion of assets and manages $400 billion, of which $160 billion under advisement and $25 billion under management is under the Mercer Alternatives umbrella. Raelan is Mercer’s Global Alternatives leader, John is the Head of Diversifying Alternatives, its hedge fund group, and Erik is the Global Strategy Leader in Venture Capital.

Our conversation provides a glimpse inside Mercer. Raelan shares an overview of the alternatives business, John delves into the hedge fund research process that informs its approved list, and Erik does the same for venture capital.

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