Hedge Fund Master Class

Craig Bergstrom
Adam Blitz
Dan Fagan

Hedge Fund




Episode: 318
May 29, 2023

Episode Description:

This is a true hedge fund master class. We convened a panel of three longstanding investors in the space - Craig Bergstrom, CIO and a Managing Partner of Corbin Capital Partners, Adam Blitz, CEO and CIO of Evanston Capital Management and a past guest on the show, and Dan Fagan, portfolio manager at GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund. All three have been in the space the better part of two decades and have both a wealth of experience and nuanced understanding to share.

Our conversation covers their respective investment approaches, impact of the higher rate environment, managing liquidity, and the potential for contagion. From there, we canvass perspectives on platform hedge funds, long-short equity, credit, and macro strategies. We close discussing fees, the most interesting opportunities, and places to avoid going forward.

Show Notes
04:36    Firm and investment approach overview
11:07    Impact of higher rate environment
14:41    Asset allocation vs. manager selection
17:32    Market liquidity and contagion risk
23:54    LP liquidity
31:35    Platform hedge funds
43:52    Long-short equity
50:44    Credit opportunities
52:54    Macro strategies
57:56    Fees
1:04:29 Best ideas
1:08:22 Risks

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