General Atlantic

Bill Ford

Private Equity


Episode: 3
July 21, 2021

Episode Description:

On today’s show, Tom Lenehan interviews Bill Ford. Tom was a very early guest on the show while at Rockefeller University and earlier this year took over as CIO of the $1.6 billion Wallace Foundation.  Bill is Chairman and CEO of General Atlantic, a pioneer in growth equity investing that was founded by Duty Free Shoppers entrepreneur Chuck Feeney in 1980. Today, General Atlantic manages $53 billion in assets with a globally-integrated team operating under a single investment platform.  Had the timing worked out differently, Bill quite easily would have slotted right into the roster of Private Equity Masters on Capital Allocators. Their conversation covers Bill’s path to General Atlantic, the key aspects of the firm’s global, growth equity strategy, and a host of rapid fire personal and investing questions including lessons Bill shares from his experience on investment committees.

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