From Complex to Simple

Brian Portnoy




Episode: 57
June 17, 2018

Episode Description:

Brian Portnoy is the Director of Investment Education at $100 billion investment solutions provider Virtus Investment Partners, where he strives to simplify the complex world of money in an effort to help investors make better decisions and lead a joyful life. For the past two decades, he has held senior investment, research, and strategy roles in the hedge fund and mutual fund industries at Chicago Equity Partners, Mesirow Financial, and Morningstar.

Brian is the author of The Investor’s Paradox, a book about manager selection rooted in choice theory. His second book, The Geometry of Wealth hits electronic and physical bookstores this week.

Our conversation covers Brian’s experience in manager research and lessons learned, choice theory and managing expectations, differences between institutional investment and private wealth management, distinction between seeking wealth and trying to get rich, his terrific new book, and why volatility is risk. Brian’s insightful take on investing and his journey from the complex to the simple is full of investment nuggets of gold.

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