Friends Reunion – Five Allocators Riff on Investing

Brett Barth, Jon Harris, Meredith Jenkins, Casey Whalen, & Ted Seides





Episode: 215
September 26, 2021

Episode Description:

Today’s show is a little different from previous ones. Our Chief of Staff, Hank Strmac, had an idea to blend investing with some fun. It turned out I had just the crew.

For the last twenty years, four friends and I have met for dinner regularly to talk investing. Three of them - Brett Barth from BBR Partners, Jon Harris from Alternative Investment Management, and Meredith Jenkins from Trinity Wall Street, are past guests on the show. The fourth, Casey Whalen from Truvvo Partners, was a colleague of mine at Yale back in the mid-90s.

We recently got together in Brett’s offices and riffed on a range of topics, including Covid, crypto, nuances in private equity and hedge funds, non-institutional investing, China, diversity, and ESG.  We closed with a round on the two people who most influenced our careers.

If you enjoy this as much as I do this crew, reach out to Hank or me and let us know. I suspect I can cajole them into doing it again.

Until then, please enjoy my most recent gathering with Brett, Jon, Meredith, and Casey.

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