Framework and Rigor at NEPC

Sarah Samuels




Episode: 264
August 1, 2022

Episode Description:

Sarah Samuels is the Head of Investment Manager Research at NEPC where she oversees teams across public equities, credit, hedge funds, and private markets for the $1.5 trillion investment advisory juggernaut. Prior to joining NEPC three years ago, Sarah worked at the senior level of both a top-notch endowment and a public pension fund. She sought to bring the best of both worlds to her role at NEPC.

Our conversation covers Sarah’s early career investing, time in the allocator seat at Mass PRIM and Wellesley College, and the decision to join NEPC. We discuss her key investment themes, investment framework blending qualitative and quantitative analysis, second-level thinking, CIO mindset, alignment of interest, private equity allocations, and investment committees. We close by discussing Sarah’s work on DE&I and her involvement in Girls Who Invest.

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