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Steven Galbraith

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Episode: 01
April 12, 2017

Episode Description:

Steve Galbraith is an investment manager, brilliant writer, engaging thinker and one of the most well-liked men on Wall Street. Steve’s career has touched every aspect of investment management – he has worked as a research analyst, portfolio manager, investment strategist, business leader, entrepreneur, and Endowment and FO Board member.

Steve started as an analyst at Chase Bank in credit and Sanford Bernstein in equities, later got recruited by Morgan Stanley to succeed the legendary duo of Barton Biggs and Byron Wien as Chief Investment Strategist. Steve left MS in the mid’00s to join and help lead multi-billion dollar hedge fund Maverick Capital. He departed some years later to take his hand at his own hedge fund start-up. Today, he manages his own family office in true family style – as you’ll hear later in the show.

At barely past 50, Steve has had a remarkable career and still has a full tank of gas in the tank.

Alongside his storied career in finance, Steve offers colorful anecdotes of market inefficiencies cobbled together from his personal investments in a European soccer team, college sports gambling, a local beer company, and a wildly successful Charter school.

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