(First Meeting, EP.08) Sports Betting at JAMBOS




Episode: 08
September 15, 2019

Episode Description:

Michael Schwimer is the CEO of Big League Advance (BLA) and JAMBOS. Last year, I sat down with Michael and discussed his playing career and the formation of BLA. That conversation has been the most downloaded episode of Capital Allocators.

Our second conversation starts with an update on BLA, the private equity fund that takes stakes in the future earnings of minor league baseball players. We touch on the implementation of the strategy and the development of the BLA sports analytics team since last year. We then discuss other ideas Michael brainstormed with his team to deploy their unparalleled horsepower in sports analytics. That exercise led to the formation of a new sports betting service called JAMBOS. We walk through the business of predicting the outcome of sporting events, the disruption of tout subscription services for sports betting through transparency and accountability, and the potential impact of predicting game outcomes on the future of sports and sports entertainment. You can find out more about the service at jambospicks.com.

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