Executive Coaching in Asset Management

Matt Spielman



Thought Leader

Episode: 210
August 22, 2021

Episode Description:

Matt Spielman is the Founder and CEO of Inflection Point Partners an executive coaching practice he launched after a twenty-year career in the financial and corporate world. Matt partners with high-performing executives and their teams in asset management, media, professional sports, and other industries, and last year was named one of the leading coaches in asset management by Institutional Investor.

Our conversation covers Matt’s background and path to executive coaching, inflection points in his own career, and his coaching philosophy. We then turn to frameworks for setting goals, executing on them, aligning interests across an organization, and dealing with inevitable setbacks. We close with Matt’s thoughts on turnover in asset management firms and advice for senior leaders.

I should note that Matt was a classmate of mine from business school and is also my executive coach.

For more information, visit Matt's website https://inflectionpointpartnersllc.com/

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