ETF Trends

Tom Lydon

Public Equity


Episode: 56
June 9, 2018

Episode Description:

Tom Lydon is one of the leading experts in the ETF and mutual fund industries. He is the founder and CEO of ETF Trends, a business he created in 2004 whose website, etftrends.com, is filled with news, analysis, and webcasts about the world of ETFs. Before creating ETF Trends, Tom ran a financial advisory and publication business that followed the mutual fund industry.

Our conversation covers the evolution of mutual funds in the 80s and 90s and the rise of ETFs in the 2000s. We discuss the composition of the ETF marketplace, structure and tax advantages of ETFs, passive, factor and actively managed funds, characteristics of a superior manager, leveraged ETFs, VIX blowup, potential future problems in high yield and emerging market ETFs, and coming trends in the space.

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