Defensible Moats in Crypto at Lattice Capital

Regan Bozman



Episode: 33
July 7, 2022

Episode Description:

Regan Bozman is a General Partner at Lattice Capital, an early-stage crypto fund that helps founders build defensible moats and new growth playbooks. Regan previously was the first employee at CoinList, a token marketplace that spun out of AngelList, where he was involved in 30 token launches.

Our conversation covers Regan’s early years as an entrepreneur, lessons learned from CoinList, and the launching of Lattice. We discuss Lattice’s investment philosophy, sourcing, research process, and subsectors of focus. We dive into specific examples in DeFi and NFTs and discuss a few winners in the portfolio to date. We close with Lattice’s competitive advantage, measures of success, and definitions of defensible moats as the crypto industry continues to evolve.

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