Decision Making in a Crisis

Annie Duke

Decision Making

Behavioral Finance

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Episode: 132
April 19, 2020
Mini Series

Episode Description:

My friend Brian Portnoy recently put together a Zoom call where he and Jonathan Novy interviewed Annie Duke about decision making in the crisis.

Brian was a long-time fund investor and has authored two books in the field of behavioral finance. He and I discussed his second book, The Geometry of Wealth, on Episode 57 that follows on the feed. He is currently a financial wellness consultant for advisors, corporations, and industry associations.

Jonathan is a financial advisor at Ritholtz Wealth Management, a prominent and fast-growing RIA.

And Annie is a regular on the show. She’s a poker legend, decision-making theorist and best selling author. And, she’s releasing a new book later this year entitled How To Decide, but that’s subject matter for another show down the road

What follows is the segment of their call pertaining to the crisis. They discuss the difference between complicated and complex decisions, the tradeoff between time and certainty when making decisions, the process of preparing clients to make good investment decisions today, and decision-making education for children.

Please enjoy Brian and Jonathan’s conversation with Annie Duke.

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