Curating The Getty’s Assets

James Williams




Episode: 50
April 29, 2018

Episode Description:

Jim Williams is the Vice President, Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer of the Getty Trust, where he oversees a $7 billion portfolio for the Getty Museum. Before joining the Getty in 2002, Jim spent three years as the President of Harbor Capital Advisors and prior to that, was manager of the Ford Motor Company pension department.

Our rich conversation covers all aspects of managing a significant pool of non-profit assets including modeling liquidity, creating a specialist team structure, sourcing managers, discerning between talented managers, co-investing, sizing manager positions, investing in venture capital, viewing hedge funds like a basketball point guard, working with a constructive board, and finding opportunities in the current “least dirty shirt” market.

This conversation ranks way up there in the breadth, depth, and quality of discussion. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed speaking to Jim.

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