Crypto for Institutions 2: NFTs and the Consumer in Web3

Stephen McKeon




Episode: 255
June 16, 2022
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Stephen McKeon is a Partner at Collab+Currency and Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Oregon, where is teaches a course on crypto assets. As an investor, Stephen focuses on consumer-facing applications of crypto. He was a past guest on the show back in 2018 discussing security tokens. That replay is available in the feed and sheds light on how far the crypto ecosystem has come over the last four years.

Our conversation begins with a reflection on Stephen’s security token thesis, his shift to investing, and his strategy at Collab+Currency. We dive into NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse and gaming, including the latest state of play and his investment thesis around each. We then turn to important transitions to watch across interoperability, digital wallets, price volatility, and use cases for consumers. We close by discussing how interested folks can learn more by covering the syllabus of Steve’s crypto course and the websites he encourages others to play around. (fWeb3.xyz and rabbithole.gg)

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