Crypto for Institutions 1: The Macro Case for Bitcoin

Eric Peters



Episode: 180
March 7, 2021
Mini Series

Episode Description:

Eric Peters is the founder and CIO One River Asset Management, where he searches for high conviction strategies coming out of his team’s expertise trading and investing in thematic macro, volatility, systematic, and inflation strategies – each as it turns out, turned his focus on study bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Eric made news in November when he executed a $600 million purchase of bitcoin, then the largest public transaction to date. He has called bitcoin the most interesting macro trade he’s seen in thirty years in the business, and we kick off this mini series, Crypto for Institutions with his macro case for the digital asset.

Our conversation discusses the intrigue of Bitcoin as a form of money, how digital currencies will somewhat ironically increase the power of governments and the likely co-existence of bitcoin with government digital currencies in the future. The then turn to the development of institutional infrastructure for digital assets, Eric’s perspective on bitcoin as an investor and a trader, the reflexive nature of bitcoin supply, and the risks in the asset.  Lastly, we discuss the story of Eric’s big trade, the future of bitcoin, and institutional interest in the space.

Please enjoy my conversation with Eric Peters in this first of four episodes in the mini-series Crypto for Institutions.

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