Creating Long-Term Value for (almost) 100 Years at MFS

Carol Geremia




Episode: 287
December 15, 2022

Episode Description:

Today's sponsor insight is from MFS, the $528 billion asset managers founded in 1924 and credited with creating the first ever mutual fund.

Carol Geremia is the President and Head of Global Distribution, where she oversees the firm's worldwide client facing efforts and helps drive MFS' long-term corporate strategy. In her 37 years at MFS, Carol has served as the Co-Head of Global Distribution, President of the firm's Institutional Business, and President of MFS Retirement Services.

Our conversation covers Carol's early years at MFS, path to her current role, the firm's 100-year history, and its culture. We dive into the firm's research process, team structure, and strategic evolution, and then then turn to what Carol is hearing from investors, opportunities and risks, ESG, and driving change in the industry.

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